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Automotive Auditing

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We’re NZ’s #1 Automotive Auditors

All the major Australasian finance companies use our automotive auditing services, making us NZ's largest automotive floor plan auditing company.

Rapid Results

7 Thanks In 7 Days
Predictably, finance companies read their first audit results then ring us saying “Thanks, you’ve picked up some irregularities by asking lots of questions, and your auditing is more comprehensive than our previous technique.”

From A $500,000 Deficit To Zero In 6 Months
In less than 6 months our meticulous auditing system turned a finance company’s $500,000 deficit into $0.

Results Processed Within 24 Hours
Within 24 hours, the audit results gave a finance company an accurate picture of a particular dealership. As further audits were completed, the picture became crystal clear and prompted well-timed lending control.

National Deployment Within Hours
Our auditing team travel nationally completing floor plan audits and can often be onsite within the hour for unscheduled audits.

Safeguard In Seconds
Independent auditing means no conflict of interest since we are not directly employed by the finance company supplying the auto funding.

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