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How NZ’s Top 15 Finance Companies Recover Their Assets Smartly

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We hear this from our clients, sometimes daily, always weekly. What does this mean to you? It means that you too can ring us with your problem and we’ll sort it. Why? Because we’re committed to getting you results! 

Consumer Credit Management (CCML) is NZ’s leading collection agency. If you want an agency that has a nationwide coverage of experienced, competitive agents and major sub-contractors, then we’re the team you call.

We operate strictly lawfully and are trained to think unconventionally.

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Asset Reposession:

A Lamborghini was lost, deemed untraceable. After 12 weeks of tracing we found the vehicle concealed and recovered it.


The finance company was able to apply sale of the vehicle to their loss book.

Automotive Auditing:

An automotive funding supplier was $500,000 in deficit despite undertaking 6 years of regular auditing.


In less than 6 months their deficit was $0.

Serving Documents:

A high profile, now disbarred lawyer had not been served because he wouldn’t cooperate with a competitor company.


Within 5 hours, he was successfully served, and the Bank could proceed with the next course of legal action.

Field Visit:

A finance company was on the verge of foreclosing a Hawkes Bay rural property as they were unable to regain owner contact.


In 1 week, the owners were found in Perth, contact was re-established and mortgage arrears payments reinstated.

Shortfall Recovery:

6 months of unsuccessfully trying to find a rugby league player and the finance company believed their money was unrecoverable (as the player had gone to Australia).


In 72 hours he was traced to a new NRL club, contact was made and loan payments re-commenced.

Skip Tracing:

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) needed to locate an Australian Real Estate Agent who had moved to NZ.


In 5 days and with only a name and date-of-birth to go on, the agent was traced and contact details supplied to the CBA.


7 Reasons Why You’ll Get Results. We’re:

  1. Seriously results driven and very tenacious.
  2. Extremely competitive and leave no stone unturned.
  3. Experts in negotiation, with decades of dealing with the uncooperative.
  4. Calm and composed in stressful situations.
  5. Categorically respectful of everyone, so we represent you with upmost professionalism.
  6. Schooled in initiative and thinking on our feet.
  7. Nationwide and can act within minutes.

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