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Asset Repossession

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Why We’re NZ’s Leading Asset Recoverers:

  1. It’s not (just) about recovering assets safely and securely.
  2. It’s not (just) about getting results in volatile situations.
  3. It’s not (just) about negotiating with the uncooperative.
  4. It’s not (just) about treating everyone with respect.
  5. It’s not (just) about staying cool under pressure.
  6. It’s not (just) about thinking on our feet.
  7. It’s not (just) about acting within minutes by being nationwide.

Complicated Cases Solved

Bell Ranger Helicopter - 24 Hours
Known to fly throughout NZ, we located this helicopter in Queenstown, which led to its repossession and transportation back to Auckland. Sold to a mining contractor in Australia. Case closed.

Lamborghini Gallardo - 12 Weeks
Vehemently declared in court as totally untraceable by the concealer, after 12 weeks of tracing we proved them wrong. We pursued a line of investigation, which unearthed an informant, who disclosed crucial information, which lead to an abandoned warehouse and the recovery of the vehicle. Sold. Case closed.

Porsche Cayenne - 24 Hours
Our investigation revealed that the client was attempting to ship the vehicle to Australia illegally. With the assistance of the client's ex-wife and NZ Customs, we obtained crucial shipping details, which located the vehicle and prevented it from being illegally shipped to Australia. Sold. Case closed.

Aston Martin – 10 Days
Driven by a well-known property developer who subsequently moved to Australia, we traced this vehicle to Auckland’s International Airport, which led to its recovery and transportation back to the finance company's storage facility. Sold. Case closed.

Mobile Food Truck - 2 Weeks
Inherited after 2 collection agencies failed to locate it over 8 months, 2 weeks of surveillance led to a rural property in South Auckland where it was located and immediately recovered and removed to Turners Auckland. Sold. Case closed.

17 Tower Cranes - 52 Weeks
NZ's largest ever commercial crane repossession (with many in operation on building sites throughout NZ). Highly complex due to their size and the number of parties involved (engineers, Auckland and regional councils, road licenses, multiple subcontractors and overseas crane operators), all 17 cranes were successfully secured (1 was even prevented from being shipped illegally overseas) and sold to an overseas buyer. Case closed.

Hitachi Excavator - (part of a 2 week receivership)
Our investigation revealed that this excavator was being hidden in a forest in the Waikato. This led to our team travelling to Matamata, removing it and returning it to Turners Hamilton. Sold. Case closed.

Fishing Trawler – 2 Hours
Hired 4pm Friday, 2 operating fishing trawlers from the Northland area were removed by 6pm and taken to Whangarei Harbour and successfully secured. Sold. Case closed.

Motor Yacht – 4 Days
Inherited after 2 collection agencies failed to locate it, 4 days later this million dollar yacht was located moored discreetly in the Marlborough Sounds, which led to its immediate recovery and return to Auckland. Sold. Case closed.

Harley Davidson Night Train Motorbike - 8 Weeks
The registered owner was in prison awaiting drugs charges and the bike had been taken by fellow gang members in an attempt to prevent repossession. After 8 weeks of tracing we located the bike, recovered it without incident and returned it to Turners Auckland. Sold. Case closed.

Multiple Electronic Goods
We regularly recover assets (always attempting to recover the outstanding arrears first) such as:

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