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We Pursue Results Like No Other

Since January 2003, Consumer Credit Management (CCML) has been achieving remarkable results, verified by the hundreds of companies who’ve been dealing with us over the decades.

The first thing you should know about us is that we have people everywhere. We’re agile and can act within minutes throughout NZ.

The second thing to know is that:

  1. Our agents have a thorough understanding of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act.
  2. All of our agents are licensed through the Ministry of Justice.

The third thing to know is that… our team is seriously results driven and fiercely competitive internally. While it’s all about getting the best results the fastest, we watch everyone’s back in the field, we trust and support each other and we make a great team. This means that you’re given the best chance to get a result. If one of us can’t achieve the result, we’ll pass it on within the team - because our duty to you is to get you results.

The final thing you should know is that… we know what we’re doing. We’ve grown into the largest asset recovery company in NZ, holding contracts with all major finance companies, purely because of our results and our service.

We achieved this with no advertising. No hype. No outbound sales team.

Just a complete commitment to our craft, a belief in what we do and a whole lot of time and effort delivering on results and exceptional service.

Our attitude has never changed: Nothing Is Impossible.

And we can prove it to you.

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